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Julien Jorgensen of Rev Theory

February 15, 2011 by  
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On February 15th, Rev Theory will release their new album Justice.   According to the band (Rick Luzzi on vocals, Julien Jorgensen and Rikki Lixx on guitar, Matty McCloskey on bass and Dave Agoglia on drums), “it’s not just an album, it’s a call to action.”  Produced by Terry Tate, the album successfully translates the high level energy and excitement that they bring to the stage night after night to a recorded format for fans to listen to time and time again.

The overall theme of the album revolves around the qualities that the band feels defines all of us – “honor, truth, love and respect”.  The album offers up songs to to inspire the downtrodden, lend a helping hand to the desperate, and bring hope to those disillusioned by the world we see around us from politics to the economy to humanity in general.  Anthemic tunes like the title track “Justice” is a fist-pumping  rocker that sets the tone right from the start.

This album harkens back to the raw energy of the band’s debut release Truth Is Currency and builds on that.  The results are a solid rock album from start to finish and undoubtedly their best album to date.  We recently caught up with guitarist Julien Jorgensen to talk about the new album and how it all came together!

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette

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Concert Gallery: Rev Theory/Chicago, IL

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Rev Theory
Q101’s Twisted Show
December 13, 2009
House of Blues – Chicago, IL
Photos by:  Tasha Schalk

Rich Luzzi and Julien Jorgensen of Rev Theory

November 22, 2008 by  
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revtheorymainThe 2008 Jagermeiester Music Tour recently made it’s stop in Worcester, MA.  On the bill – Rev Theory, Trapt, and Hinder.  Rev Theory (Rich Luzzi on vocals, Matty McCloskey on bass, Julien Jorgensen on guitar, Dave Agoglia on drums and Rikki Lixx on guitar) released their sophomore album “Light it Up’ in June of this year, their first album on a major label. While the band may be new to big time labels, they are no stranger to the struggles of keeping their heads above water.  They didn’t get where they are overnight, it’s been an uphill battle all the way and one they wouldn’t trade for the world.

With the two single off of the album (Hell Yeah and Light it Up) being heard all over the place from video games to The National Football League I was looking forward to meeting the band behind the in your face rockers like Favorite Disease and Wanted Man to gut wrenching ballads like Broken Bones.

As I sat down in the back lounge of their tour bus with frontman Rich Luzzi and guitarist Julien Jorgensen I couldn’t help but feel the the calm before the storm.  Both guys were incredibly laid back and easy to talk to, but I knew before long, their alter egos would take over the stage and offer up the kind of rock show that some bands can only dream of delivering.  In what I thought was the best set of the night Rev Theory ripped the roof off of The Palladium with their energy and left the fans wanting a lot more….and something tells me they’ll be getting just that.  This band is just getting started…

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | November 2008

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