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Bobby Dall of Poison

June 23, 2009 by  
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poisongroupThere aren’t too many glam bands that came out of the ’80s who are still making their mark in the music world.  Poison has been holding strong for over two decades now with no signs of slowing down – now that’s stamina!  The line up of Bret Michaels on vocals, Bobby Dall on bass, Rikki Rockett on drums and C.C. Deville on guitar has been solid throughout their existence minus a  few brief stints when C.C.’s role was played by some other guitar players that never really fit the job description.  Nice guys?  Sure.  Great guitar players? Absolutely.  But there’s just something about the combination of this foursome that makes Poison the unstoppable force that they are.

The band, seeing some what of a surge of new popularity with the creation of Bret Michael’s half Dating Game/half Fear Factor reality show Rock of Love, has steadily toured throughout their career with much success.  This summer the band is hitting the road with Def Leppard.  Which begs the question – What do you get when you mix two outspoken lead singers, a public war of words, and a dash of ego?  Well if you ask Poison and Def Leppard it’s the perfect recipe for a summer blockbuster tour. Just a year after the publicly fought battle royale between front men Bret Michaels and Joe Elliott aired through the media, the bands are now joining forces for what could be the most face-melting, hair raising, lighter waving, tour of the summer, and oh yeah, they’re bringing Cheap Trick along for the ride too.

Bassist Bobby Dall took some time to discuss the tour, the past twenty plus years as a part of Poison and the things that matter to him most in life. (And it should be noted that Poison was one of my first ever favorite bands so this was a real thrill for me, thanks Bobby!)

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | June  2009

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Poison – Boston, MA

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August  7, 2008
Bank of America Pavillion – Boston, MA
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