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Three Minutes With…Jani Christine Love – the Rock N’ Roll Jeweler!

September 7, 2010 by  
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I decided to take a bit of a departure from my usual musicians and interview a different kind of “rock star” – a jeweler. Jani makes all kinds of custom jewelry and is offering a very special deal for my readers. Read all the way to the end for that. Jani was kind enough to take on the Sack O’ Questions recently, and here ya go….


The question you picked was – do you have any rituals or superstitions when you work?
Oh… I do! One thing, before I start working, everything has to be clean. I’m super organized about everything. It’s the only way to live.  So, I probably spend at least an hour cleaning everything and organizing everything into different metals, different gauges of wire, everything has to be in its place. All my tools are always on the right, all my metals are always on the left so I can grab with my left hand, take a tool with my right…. Superstitions. Y’know, one thing I definitely have found out is that if I try to work on a day when I’m just not into it, I sit down and try to force myself to work, and I always notice that if I try to force myself to work and I just don’t have it in me, nothing comes out. I will literally scrap everything I made that day and send it all to the refinery. So, I have to be in the mood to do it.


Well, now make your plug:
Well, you can go to to see more of my jewelry, I also have a blog up there, and I’m an artist of different mediums – I have paintings and poetry and photographs up there as well. I’m an artist who loves artists and if another artist is interested in contacting me and networking, I love networking!


Now, about that special deal – if you tell her that TWRY sent you, she’ll hook you up with a 20% discount on anything in the shop – including premade and custom work. AND, all custom orders get FREE shipping every day! Now, don’t procrastinate because this offer is not going to last forever and is a very special deal for TWRY fans and can be canceled at any time. Check out the Facebook and LIKE it!