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HorrorPops Sue Mattel Over Rockabilly Barbie

January 5, 2011 by  
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HorrorPops are suing Mattel over their “Hard Rock Barbie Doll” claiming that it’s a ripped off version of lead singer Patricia Day.  Day alleges that Mattel stole the likeness from their Hell Yeah Album cover (pictured to the left.)  In her complaint Day states “as a feminist objects to being made into a doll and subjected to “the erotic male gaze … a vision that runs contrary and antithetical to everything for which Mattel’s Barbie line stands.”

According to this report on : “Day says her fans recognize her from “her black hair meticulously done in 50’s pin-up fashion; her retro hairstyle juxtaposed against conspicuous and heavily applied black eye shadow and liner and deep red lipstick; her form-fitting ’50s-style pencil skirts that go just past the knees; her full-color ‘sleeve tattoos’ on both upper arms; and, most importantly, her distinctive instrumental extension of her personality: her giant tattooed upright bass. This final element – the giant tattooed upright bass (also known as a bass fiddle or double bass) – has become a singularly distinctive hallmark of Day’s public persona.”

The doll appears to be part of a collection Mattel released that includes Debbie Harry, Joan Jett and Cyndi Lauper, all of whom Mattel allegedly paid for their likeness.

Here’s our side by side comparison – what do you think?

The Barbie is available for purchase here and you can check out our full gallery of live HorrorPops photos here