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Three Minutes With…Ron Keel

Three Minutes With…..
Ron Keel

With a career spanning over a quarter-century and more than 50 albums to his credit, Ron Keel is possibly best known for his eponymous band Keel. Now living in Vegas, he hosts a weekly open mic, acoustic jam session known as Las Vegas Stripped, which is streamed live all over the world via the internet. I managed to catch up to him after one of those such sessions, and he was cool enough to take on the Sack O’ Questions and answer one that’s NEVER been asked before…..

The question you drew is – where do you see the future of music heading?
Music is a reflection of society, and the people who live in that society. It’s a reflection of our emotions. Sadness, happiness, loneliness… The future of music is the future of our people. I would like to think that we could still keep a postive message in the music. Sing songs about life, love… Keep a positive attitude. Music is my best friend. It’s always been certainly a reflection of my life and my activities and what I feel. The songs that I write, and the songs that I play, I think the future of music will reflect the future of mankind. Hopefully it will be postive.

Now you can promote whatever you want to talk about!
I’m Ron Keel. I’m the lead singer in a band called Keel. I’m also a Las Vegas singer, songwriter, performing Las Vegas Stripped, which is the acoustic jam that I host, which we’re at tonight. I just hope that the fans around the world that are listening and watching will enjoy it too, and stay in touch with me at, and you can hit my Facebook. Keep it real, and stay safe, and I love my fans, the people who have carried me this far. I look forward to whatever the future holds!

Check out Las Vegas Stripped sessions live, with special guests weekly, on Monday nights starting at 8pm Pacific Time:

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Ron Keel of Keel

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Ron Keel is something of a renaissance man. Singer, songwriter, guitarist in both rock and country music; Ron has played to thousands in sold out stadiums and has also played to 50 people in small country bars. His passion does not waiver no matter how large or small the crowd. He has always given 100% back to his fans, he listens to what you want but he also follows his instincts. Right now his instincts tell him that it’s the right time for Keel to once again make a splash into the melodic rock waters.

With the new Keel album, Streets of Rock and Roll, Ron is leading the troops of Keel Nation back from exile. The album is getting rave reviews and a tour is being arranged that should keep Keel on the road for much of this year.  Ron is excited about the present, loves to talk about the past, and has big plans for the future.  I had a chance recently to discuss all that is Ron Keel with the man himself.

Interviewed by:  Roger Scales
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