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Show Preview: Sinnet EP Release Party at Great Scott in Allston, MA

August 14, 2013 by  
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a4199075846_2The sun may be setting on summer, but Sinnet’s not ready for you to put away the bikinis and beach umbrellas quite yet.  They just dropped a bright new EP, Year of the Whale, a radiant follow-up to 2012’s moodier Midwest Manners

Spransy has traded crawly chords for catchy cadence, highlighted most acutely at the beginning of the final(and title) track,Year of the Whale.”  It starts in a hollow, echoey sounding room with a simple piano in the style of the last LP, when in-jumps the caffeinated disco drums, effortless bass, and bubbling guitar, carrying off into a full-on pop-rock song.  Considering what a departure the new sound is from the old, they may as well have just pulled down your underwear and screamed “gotcha!” before running away laughing.  Sinnet’s evolving style coats still-haunting lyrics and beautiful melodies in a rich new glaze, glowing with precious dregs of the season’s warmth. 

Don’t miss the EP release party this Saturday, August 17th, at Great Scott, where you can pick up the new digital release.  Better yet, grab yourself the 7” limited-release vinyl pressing and keep your Allston street-cred in tact.