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Concert Gallery: Slash at the House of Blues in Boston, MA

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August 2, 2012
House of Blues – Boston, MA
Photos by: Ilya Mirman

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Concert Gallery: Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators at Rocklahoma

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Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators
May 25, 2012
Rocklahoma – Pryor, OK
Photos by: Ilya, Mirman

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Three Minutes With…Brent Fitz

Three Minutes With………
Brent Fitz

You’ve seen him as the drummer for Union, Vince Neil’s solo band, Theory of a Deadman, Alice Cooper, and currently Slash’s touring band. He’s also played keyboards for Vince and Theory, if my information is correct… He has almost as many albums to his credit as Vegas has slot machines. (His website shows more than 20, and Google shows more than that!) If you’ve been around Vegas for the past couple of years, you may have caught him sitting in with the Sin City Sinners here and there. It was after one of those such events that Brent broke a record with the Sack o’ Questions!

Draw your question, but don’t peek.
I have to answer these really fast? I can’t think about it?

No, the whole premise is that you don’t know what you’re going to get asked, so you can’t give me a canned answer….
Allright…. Uncanny… Here we go.

Your question is – what is the best and/or worst thing about playing in Vegas?Well, I live here, so the best thing would be that I get to sleep in my bed at night. The problem is that I never do play here so that’s the bad thing! I don’t play here, I’m always traveling far away from home, so I miss my wonderful girlfriend and I miss my dogs, so that’s probably the worst. The worst thing about Vegas, more elaborately, is that sometimes you’ve got to conform to rules in casinos. It’s a little more strict. I’m not used to it. That’s the only thing. I’m kind of a virgin at the casino thing, so it’s just a little different.

You still have time, want to do another question? There’s three records held. Shortest is one minute, eleven seconds. Longest is seven minutes. Most questions is three in three minutes
 I can do another question.

What is the most memorable point in your career – good, bad, or both?
Well, I think probably more recently, there’s been a lot of great ones, but it was pretty nice to get a phone call from Slash. He didn’t know me, he’d heard a lot about me from some other people so, it was just nice to get a phone call out of the blue one day asking if we could get together and jam. I think it’s been the most important phone call in a long time.   Can I do another question?

Allright…. You’re gonna shatter Louie Merlino’s record! Is there one song you wish you had written? What is it and why?
“Comfortably Numb”, I think it’s a perfect song. It’s got some emotion and it’s kinda eerie. I’m not a huge Pink Floyd fan, but every time I hear it, I’m like, “Man…” It’s got some emotional tugging to it. It’s not sappy. It’s not a disposable song. You can keep listening to it and get something new out of it every time you listen to it. So, it’s the first song that comes to mind. “Comfortably Numb”, Pink Floyd.

Wanna break the record?
Oh God. Of course I do!

If you didn’t do this, what would you do?
The answer is…. I would only be doing this. I don’t know what Plan B is! I only live Plan A lifestyle. That’s the end of the answer.  Four questions….. Allllll riiiiiiiight!

And now you can promote whatever it is you want to talk about. Product. Place. Project. It doesn’t even have to be yours!
Promote? I’m not even a promoter! No! I’m kind of like a team member guy. So, I’m promoting that I just had an awesome weekend playing with the Sin City Sinners, and I’m promoting going back out with Slash. That’s all I need to promote.

For all the latest on Brent and his latest projects visit his official website. (If he doesn’t want to promote it, we will!!!)

Are you or do you know a musician coming through Las Vegas that wants to give the shortest interview ever with probably the shortest interviewer ever? Forward me contact info or put them in touch with me. Do you have a query for the Sack O’ Questions? Email me at (Sorry, I can not guarantee any question to be asked to anyone specific, because it’s literally the luck of the draw, but if your question gets drawn, you’ll get props – make sure you note how you want to be thanked!)

Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge

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Somewhere between Myles Kennedy touring with Slash and Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips reuniting Creed and releasing a new album followed by a tour, the three managed to get back together with their old friend Brian Marshall to write and record the next installment in Alter Bridge history.  Over achievers much? It’s alright though, their insatiable appetite to burn the midnight musical oil works to our advantage because the results were their latest offering AB III, released earlier this month. 

AB III offers up a new side of Alter Bridge – a little bit more sinister and a little  darker than one might expect, the songs lyrically take listeners down a path of lost innocence and questioning everything that you once thought was real.  Alter Bridge runs you through a gamut of churning emotions from song to song.

Enlisting the help of producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette again, the band set out to create an album that pleased them all artistically without anyone or anything getting in the way. The writing collaboration between Kennedy and Tremonti has always been one of the best in the business and the collection of songs put forth on this album only solidifies that.  The reviews have been rolling in and AB III is definitely a contender for one of the best rock albums of the year.

We recently tracked down  Myles out on the road in support of their new album to talk to us about it! 

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette

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Slash and Hey Monday To Appear On A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus Tomorrow Night

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Slash is in the studio with Mark on a new episode of A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus on tomorrow night’s episode (November 4th) Tune in to watch the legendary guitarist chat one-on-one with our host and check out a preview clip below.  And, rock trio Hey Monday is this week’s musical guest. Watch Thursday at 7p & 11p ET on FUSE.

Concert Gallery: Slash at the House of Blues in Boston, MA

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September 15, 2010
House of Blues – Boston, MA
Photos by:  Mary Ouellette

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Video: Slash & Adam Levine (Maroon 5) Perform On Ellen

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On today’s Ellen Degeneres show Slash and Adam Levine (from Maroon 5) performed “Gotten” off of Slash’s new album “Slash”. Check out the video of the performance below:

Video: Slash Performs “Back From Cali” On Lopez Tonight

April 14, 2010 by  
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Slash debuted his new solo cd on April 6th. Check out this performace on Lopez tonight of Slash (And Myles Kennedy) performing the first single “Back From Cali”.

Free Download: New Slash Tune “Watch This” (Featuring Dave Grohl & Duff McKagan)

March 25, 2010 by  
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You can download a free track from Slash’s upcoming album below. The song “Watch This” features Dave Grohl and Duff McKagan! That’s a lotta rock!

The new solo album “Slash” will be available everywhere on April 6th. It’s a who’s who of rock and roll contributers too, Slash got help from a rhythm section of bassist Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction) and drummer Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails), Ian Astbury, Chris Cornell, Rocco DeLuca, Fergie, Dave Grohl, Myles Kennedy, Kid Rock, Lemmy Kilmeister, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Duff McKagan, M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, and Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother.