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Evanescence Announce Plans For Fall 2011 Release Of New Album

April 4, 2011 by  
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It’s been about three years since Evanescence went on sabbatical after releasing their last album the  The Open Door. The band has announced that they’ll be going into the studio on April 11 to begin recording their third studio album with producer Nick Raskulinecz. (Whose recent producing credits include Foo Fighters, RUSH, Stone Sour, Deftones and Alice in Chains, not too shabby!)

Amy Lee on the new album:

“We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on! We’ve written more than an album of songs.  We’ve been finding ourselves, reinventing our sound, experimenting with things we’ve never done before and at the same time embracing the things we love most about Evanescence. This journey has made us the strongest we’ve ever been as a band, and I am in love with the music. Nick Rasculinecz is the perfect fit for this record and we are all very excited to get into the studio together.”

Wind-up Records President Edward Vetri comments:

“Amy and the band have been hard at work on the new record. The time off has allowed Amy to expand the creative boundaries of Evanescence. We are very excited to bring this music to the world.”

Video: Behind The Scenes With Rise Against

March 1, 2011 by  
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Rise Against has released a fourth behind-the-scenes video from The Blasting Room, in Ft. Collins, Colorado studio where the band recorded their forthcoming release entitled Endgame.

In this latest installment the band wraps up the recording process and turns their focus to Endgame producer, Bill Stevenson. In a showing of love, and a bit of deception, Rise Against rally together to reunite Stevenson’s all time favorite band, The Lemons. Watch and see how Rise Against sets up their producer.  Check out the video below:

Queensryche Check In From The Studio

February 24, 2011 by  
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Queensryche recently entered the studio to lay down what will be the band’s first studio recording since their American Soldier project in March of 2009. Due out on Roadrunner/Loud & Proud Records later this spring, the working title of the forthcoming effort is once again “Bob.”

“Our very first demo was recorded on a cassette tape by a guy named Bob,” explains front man Geoff Tate. “We’ve kept that tradition ever since and, to this day, put all of our demos in the original case labeled ‘Bob’ until we actually have an album title.”
Very superstitious, indeed. The project has been a true meeting of the creative minds since it began earlier this year. And if you think you know “Bob,” think again…
The tentative moniker certainly wasn’t meant to be a palindrome like Black Sabbath’s Live Evil… that’s just they way it turned out.
“We’ll certainly have the name of the album soon,” states Tate. “In the mean time, we hope you’re getting ready to welcome ‘Bob’ into your own, individual rock universe.”


 *In studio photo used courtesty of Andy Batt

Video: Blink-182 Check In from The Studio

January 5, 2011 by  
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Blink-182 is currently in the studio recording their new album, tentatively due out sometime in early 2011.  Mark Hoppus checked in with this video update:

So it’s not a new song…but, it’s still proof that a new Blink album is on the horizon!

Video: Taking Back Sunday Check In From The Studio

December 7, 2010 by  
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Taking Back Sunday have posted a new video to give fans a look behind the scenes in the studio as they record their first new album with the original lineup.  Check it out here.

Taking Back Sunday Return To Old Form For Fifth Studio Album

April 12, 2010 by  
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Taking Back Sunday are headed into the studio to work on their fifth studio album…but…things are a little different this time around.  The band is returning to the original line-up from their 2002 debut Tell All Your Friends – Vocalist Adam Lazzara, guitarist Eddie Reyes and drummer Mark O’Connell have reunited with vocalist/guitarist John Nolan and bass player Shaun Cooper, who departed in 2003 after the release of Tell All Your Friends.  “This crazy idea came up and once we started exploring it and talking on the phone it was almost like all that time hadn’t passed between us,” explains Lazzara. “Given the history and the years that had passed, I don’t think any of us really knew if hanging out again let alone writing and playing together would actually work. For it to feel so comfortable and effortless so quickly made us realize that we had to give it a chance.”  

Nolan on the subject:   “I never would have imagined that this group of people reuniting would be possible. Since we parted ways we all went down very different paths and somehow everything we’ve experienced individually over the past seven years has brought us back to a point of genuine appreciation and love for each other as people and musicians. There’s a shared excitement and enthusiasm within this group that I haven’t experienced since the early days of the band.”
Of the departure of bassist Matt Rubano and guitarist/vocalist Matt Fazzi, a statement from Taking Back Sunday’s website sums it up; “Sometimes it takes some time to remember where you were headed in the first place and the people you intended to go there with.  There are no hard feelings, just the future.” Drummer O’Connell expressed that the band has nothing but kind words for the departing members. “I wish nothing but the best for Matt and Matt in the future. I know that they will succeed in whatever they choose to do.”
Taking Back Sunday will work with producer Eric Valentine, who worked on their previous album Louder Now.  Plans are in the works for a handful of exclusive preview shows in the near future and extensive touring as soon as the album is finished. 

Stone Sour Head To The Studio For Album Number Three

January 12, 2010 by  
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Stone Sour announced today the start of work on a new album, their first in four years.  The band will record their third album in Nashville at Blackbird Studio with Grammy Award winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver, Rush, Alice In Chains), who also produced 2006’s gold certified Come What(ever) May.  The new album is due out this summer on Roadrunner Records.

Frontman Corey Taylor commented, “I cannot wait to make this Stone Sour album. Everything already feels a million times stronger than anything we’ve done in the past. Plus getting back together with Nick is going to mean monstrous things. This is the year for Stone Sour.”

My Chemical Romance Check In From The Studio

August 3, 2009 by  
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My Chemical Romance is currently in the studio in Los Angeles working on their  fourth studio album with  producer Brendan O’Brien. O’Brien is known for his work with Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, and many others.

The band began writing the songs in May 2008 — a week after they finished up more than a year of touring in support of their 2006 platinum-selling concept album The Black Parade, but frontman Gerard Way says things didn’t really come together until about six months later. He adds that the new album is the first one the band has recorded that is not centered on any one concept.

“At this point, the best way to describe the new album is My Chemical Romance being the purest, most distilled version of itself,” Way says. “No bells and whistles, as the focus has been on melody and songwriting. If it doesn’t work in a room with just the five of us, we aren’t trying to make it work in the studio with effects and string sections. Making The Black Parade allowed us the departure we needed to see what worked and what didn’t, experiment, and add a lot of elements we never would have. Sometimes you need to leave to come back home. To me, it feels like the culmination of everything we have learned as songwriters and players.”

Adds guitarist Ray Toro: “I think the direction of the new album is a perfect mix of what we did on Black Parade and what we did on Revenge. After Black Parade, we were ready for a more aggressive sound, similar to Revenge, but even harder. Because we had toured behind Black Parade for so long, we wanted to do the complete opposite of that this time out, almost kind of de-construct ourselves.”

To shepherd them in the studio, MCR has turned to O’Brien, whom Way describes as “fantastic and fun to work with. He also has the ability to take a band and get the best possible version of that band at that moment, which is what we really wanted.”

“What we’re bringing from Black Parade to the new album is that sense of creative spark, where anything can feel possible, except distilled into a three minute, 30-second song,” Toro says. “I can say, hands down, this is our best record yet. We’ve gotten even better as songwriters and musicians, and we cannot wait for people to hear what we came up with. It’s all of the best characteristics of the band finally on one record.”

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