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Three Minutes With…Les Warner

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Free Download: The Cult “White” Live Version

November 14, 2010 by  
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The Cult are offering fans a free download of a live recording of “White” from a show in October.  Grab it from the widget below.

The band has a new song called “Embers” now available on iTues as well. You can purchase it here.

Chris Wyse of Owl

August 16, 2009 by  
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owlphotoChris Wyse may be most recognizable as the bassist for The Cult, but as the frontman and bassist for the band Owl is where Wyse’s raw talents are truly exposed.  A gifted and innovative bassist Wyse formed Owl with his childhood friend drummer Dan Dinsmore and guitarist Jason Mezilis.

Not only does Wyse sing lead vocals and play bass in the band, he also wrote their debut self-titled album and produced it as well.  Describing their sound as mystical and experimental the band definitely offers up a fresh unique sound to the world of rock; something that’s been missing for quite some time.  Wyse does things with a stand up bass that have been virtually non-existent in rock music for the past decade and is able to create sounds that you would never imagine coming from a bass by the techniques he’s mastered and created.  These stylized skills give the music a whole new layer of rich eclectic sounds that have even left some music reviewers unsure of what they’re listening to.

Tapping into the talents of songwriter Marti Fredrickson on a few songs and working in Matt Sorum’s studio, Wyse has definitely assembled the best of the best for this band.  The results are a self-titled album that will lead you on a trippy little ride that tackles the senses and introduces you to the mysterious world of Owl.

Wyse took some time to talk to us about the band, the album, and how his passion for bass was born.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | August  2009
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