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Three Minutes With….The Lazystars

If The Beatles were formed in the 21st Century, they would be Las Vegas’ own The Lazystars. Comprised of Dave Hawkins (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards), Brian Havens (Drums), Joshua Jackson (Bass) and Dave Meeks (Guitar/Backing Vocals), they are probably the biggest non-cover band Glitter Gulch has to offer.

I recently let Dave Hawkins, Brian Havens, and Joshua Jackson take their chances with the Sack O’ Questions before their set at the downtown Las Vegas Beauty Bar during Neon Reverb. (Sin City’s answer to SXSW) This is what happened….

Where is the most amazing place you’ve ever been? Tell us about it….

Joshua:  The most amazing place I’ve been? I’m Canadian, and I’m the new bass player… I’ve been to a place called Banff, Alberta, it’s a Rocky Mountain town in northern Canada. It’s old-school, rustic wooden stuff. It’s got snowy mountains and stuff. It’s great. If I didn’t live in Vegas, it would be there.

Dave: California

Brian: DI (Desert Inn Road) and Valley View, where we rehearse. That’s a pretty good spot.

You’ve earned your plug – go for it!

Joshua: I’m new to the band, I’ve been in the band about a month now, I’m not used to the style of music, I come from a Reggae, kind of funk, background, but this music is absolutely amazing. It’s like Oasis meets The Strokes, sideswipe Coldplay, it’s a totally good feel. I think the band is going in a totally new direction. It’s gonna be great! I moved to Vegas because I thought there was a scene there. I was disappointed at first but I’m a revived believer in the Vegas scene because I found the people to do it with and it’s just amazing. We’re gonna play a great show tonight. We’re gonna play a great show on the 26th (of March) at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip. You should come by. We’re gonna have a longer set with more audience interaction. We think this Hard Rock gig is gonna be so worth it, it won’t matter. Such a step in the right direction. Anything can happen! I’m looking forward to it.

Brian: The only thing I’ll add to it is  and more to come! We want to thank everyone at Neon Reverb SO MUCH! Thanks also to Imagine Dragons. They’re way cool. The rest is said in the music.

Check out or where you can hear their tunes before you order their EP from their website.

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