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Concert Gallery: Warped Tour 2013 at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA

July 23, 2013 by  
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Warped Tour 2013
Black Veil Brides, Chiodos, August Burns Red,
Big D and the Kids Table, Motion City Soundtrack,
letlive., The Wonder Years, RDGLDGRN, Crossfaith + more

July 11, 2013
Comcast Center – Mansfield, MA
Photos by:  Matt Lambert

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Warped Tour Top 10 – The Wonder Years at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA

July 21, 2011 by  
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It’s summer time and that can mean only one thing – the rock and roll summer camp known as the Vans Warped Tour is in full swing!  Now celebrating it’s 17th year of bringing together today’s hottest acts alongside up and coming artists mixed in with the subculture of it all, Warped is alive and well.

The one word that comes to mind when you think of Warped is diversity.  It’s not every day that Paramore and A Day To Remember share the same stage, but in the world of Warped Tour, all things are possible!

Mansfield, MA has been host to a bevy of Warped Tours over the years and the one constant has always been….the rain.  The day may start out beautifully without a cloud in the sky but rest assured by the time the last band has hit the stage a downpour or twelve will have fallen.  It’s become part of the game!

This year we decided to feature galleries of ten featured artists from the day!  Our latest featured band is The Wonder Years.  The Wonder Years have been delivering some of the best conceptual pop punk of this generation and continue to do so with their latest release Suburbia: I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing, an album which many fans are calling their best to date. Known for their love for their fans and their epic live shows, the Warped Tour stage is the perfect outlet for this band! Check out our gallery from the show below.

Warped Tour continues through August! For all the remaining dates, hit up the official website here.

The Wonder Years
Vans Warped Tour 2011
July 15, 2011
Comcast Center – Mansfield, MA
Photos by: Jamie Ivins

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“VS. The Earthquake” – A New Compilation (Featuring The Wonder Years, Valencia & Many More) To Benefit Japan Quake Victims

March 16, 2011 by  
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A collection of bands (including The Wonder Years, Valencia, Title Fight, La Dispute, Man Overboard, Transit and more) have come together to release a compilation of rare tracks to benefit the victims of the earthquake and its after effects in Japan.

The Vs. The Earthquake comp can be purchased at for a minimum $5 donation. Check out the tracklisting below and please help this great cause.


Vs. The Earthquake Track listing:

1 The Wonder Years – Hey Julie (Fountains of Wayne Cover)
2 The Swellers – By a Thread (Acoustic B-Side)
3 I Call Fives – Everyone Knows (B-Side)
4 Mixtapes – Your Little Hoodrat Friend (Hold Steady Cover)
5 Citizen – Tracking Time (Acoustic)
6 I Am Alaska – Patriot
7 Koji – Giants Sleeping
8 Perfect Lines (ex- My Heart to Joy) – Crooked Tracks
9 Transit – Indoor Voices
10 Man Overboard – Different People (Rare Track)
11 Allison Weiss – Let Me Go (Live)
12 Balance and Composure – As Planned (Rare B-Side)
13 Valencia – Spinning Out (Acoustic)
14 Fox Fires (Members of FYS) – Dogma
15 Nix 86 – Why Can’t You Stay (Live)
16 La Dispute – Why It Scares Me (Live in Brisbane 1/25/2011)
17 Save Your Breath – Stay Young
18 With The Punches – No Blood, No Foul
19 Daytrader – Living
20 Such Gold – I Hope You Die Soon/Ten Seconds too Late (Movielife Covers)
21 Bad News Bears- Where is Home
22 Title Fight – Western Haikus (Acoustic)

Soupy from The Wonder Years explains, “Last Friday we woke up in Maryland to read the news about the earthquake that struck Northern Japan and as the hours rolled by, things seem to go from awful to, well, worse than awful. News of tsunamis, floods, fires, radiation leaks and more poured in as we sat feeling helpless in the van. The idea struck to maybe text a few of our friends to see if we could get five or six songs together for a short comp to benefit the victims of this tragedy. I think it really speaks to the sense of community we have in this scene that within the two hour drive to Delaware, over 20 bands agreed to be a part of this. The comp is a collection of primarily rare, hard to find or unreleased recordings. The storefront was donated to us by Limited Pressing and currently, Paypal is allowing you to send money to charities without taking any fees. This means that, aside from the standard fee Paypal may take out when money enters an account, 100% of the money will be going to Americares to help the Japanese.” 

Take Action Volume 10 Compilation Pre-Sale Open (Bayside, The Wonder Years, Silverstein & more)

March 15, 2011 by  
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So we already brought you the news about the 2011 Take Action Tour Dates and kick off in Boston of all places (woo!).  You can check those dates here if you missed it, but now the Take Action Volume 10 Compilation pre-sale is underway. The double disc set includes previously unreleased songs and remixes of Favorites from Silverstein, Bayside, All Time Low, Circa Survive, The Swellers, The Wonder Years, Texas In July, Chiodos and more!  

 Pre-order yours here. 

There are three different packages are offered for sale and all for a good cause!:

  • 2 disc Take Action compilation $5
  • 2 disc Take Action compilation + wristband + Take Action shirt $20
  • 2 disc Take Action compilation + wristband + Take Action hoodie $30

The tour compilation will be available at shows, at Hot Topic stores and most retailers on April 26, 2011, check out the full tracklisting below.

Disc 1
1 Shane Told (of Silverstein) – PSA*
2 Silverstein ft. Ryan Key (of Yellowcard) – Stay Posi*
3 Bayside – Battle Scars*
4 Polar Bear Club – Living Saints
5 Four Year Strong – Bad Newz Bears*
6 Life On Repeat – Myself In Mirrors
7 Twin Atlantic – What Is Light? What Is Laughter? (Skrillex Remix)*
8 Circa Survive – I Felt Free (Step Brother Remix)*
9 VersaEmerge – Fire [Aim Your Arrows High] (Brian Southall Remix)*
10 I See Stars – Upside Down (Hi-Deaf Remix)*
11 Iwrestledabearonce – Tastes Like Kevin Bacon (Big Chocolate Covered Bacon Remix)*
12 Woe Is Me – Delinquents (Andrew Wade Remix)*
13 Chiodos – New Thought Movement*
14 I Set My Friends On Fire – I Come Naturally*
15 Texas In July – Magnolia
16 Former Thieves – Dust…American Dust*

Disc 2
1 All Time Low – Alejandro (Originally By Lady Gaga)*
2 We Are The In Crowd – Lights Out (Acoustic)*
3 The Ready Set – Love Like Woe (Acoustic)*
4 The Summer Set – Young (Acoustic Remix)*
5 Amely – Start Over*
6 Divided By Friday – Lost In Limbo
7 Veara – Getting Kicked In The Face Has Never Been So Much Fun
8 Sparks The Rescue – Forever In My Songs*
9 You, Me, And Everyone We Know – A Little Bit More (Acoustic)*
10 The Wonder Years – Aside (Originally By The Weakerthans)*
11 The Swellers – Ups And Downsizing (Acoustic)*
12 The Dangerous Summer – Northern Lights (Acoustic)
13 Andrew Jackson Jihad – Hate Song For Brains*
14 Aficionado – Stay Local*
15 Fake Problems – Bands With Business Plans*

The Wonder Years Premiere New Song To Honor Lost Friend

August 18, 2010 by  
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After the unfortunate loss of one of their best friends Mike Pelone, The Wonder Years pay tribute by releasing “We Won’t Bury You,” a song they recently recorded for him that he never got to hear. The band chose to release the song on Mike’s cousin Joe’s music blog, “We knew it was the only fitting place to post it, ” the band added.  You can check it out here.

Read as Soupy recounts his memories of Mike:

“As I type this, I am just taking off my tie. Today, we buried, Mike Pelone, one of the best friends any of us have ever had. We would not be in this band without him. He introduced most of us to one another. He was originally supposed to play guitar but couldn’t make the first practice. We played our first “show” in the middle of his band’s set. It was one song played on their gear and I remember it vividly still. Our first release was a split with his band. Our second release was put out on a record label he and I ran together. Just last week, he was on the phone with Kennedy saying that he was proud of how far we’d come and henceforth we’ll be striving to keep him proud of us. Mike struggled with drugs for the past few years. He had a serious desire to stay clean and would often not come hang out so that he wasn’t even around people drinking, but in the end, the addiction got him. In June, we recorded a song for Mike that we were planning on showing him this past weekend. He never got to hear it. It was inspired by a conversation I had with him when he went back to rehab last. I asked if there was anything we could do and if he wanted to start touring with us so that we could watch over him. He said that he needed to be in a facility for awhile and that he just wanted to make sure we didn’t bury him. Those were his words. I could tell a million stories about Mike and I know we all will for the rest of our lives but I’ll leave them out of this entry. Today, I saw friends I hadn’t seen in years as we gathered at his grave site and left flowers on the casket. I tripped a bit carrying it. Dave said it wouldn’t have been us if something stupid hadn’t happened and the way he said “us” really hit me. I saw people that have bitterly disliked each other hugging today. Everyone was together again for a day and I have to thank Mike for that last gift. George threw dirt on the casket as we walked away and I felt like maybe now, even with as hard as today was, we all got some closure. He wasn’t a real religious guy and neither are we, so you can save your prayers. Instead, take a minute and listen to this song and think about all the people you love and if any of them need help. We’ll be holding a memorial show for Mike at the VFW hall he used to book shows in in Lansdale, PA on September 4th. There will be good friends and some fun surprises. We will say goodbye the right way. I love you, Mike. I’m going to miss your shit-eating grin and the shady way you smoked cigarettes and the way you always had us laughing even when we were at our angriest or our saddest or our worst. We’re all going to miss you so much.” 8-11-10


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the band and their friends and family.  We’re sorry for your loss.

The Wonder Years recently announced the re-release of The Upsides, the band’s restless diary of growing up, getting out and making the best of what you have. Arriving September 21 in stores and online everywhere, this re-imagined version of The Upsides includes both new art and four new tracks, including “We Won’t Bury You.” Pre-order your copy here.