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TWRY Artist of the Week – Paolo Nutini

June 15, 2009 by  
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pnPaolo Nutini has a new album out, and “Sunny Side Up” be thy name.

Paolo’s insight on some of his new songs:

There was a lot of improvisation in the studio, musically and lyrically. “There was really some random, mad train of consciousness stuff, you just open your mouth and let it all come out. I approach a song almost like a letter, whether it be to my girlfriend or to the public. I find it easier to communicate emotions while singing, cause I feel I go out of myself, I’ve not got a guard up. I feel music is a great vehicle for any man, whether he’s making it or just listening to it, to portray his vulnerable side. I found an honesty in me, that I like cause i feel like I owe it to myself a little bit to say what I feel. It’s OK to be wrong. In the end it’s just a song.”

The first single will be heart tugging ballad “Candy” which was written after an argument with his girlfriend, when it suddenly occurred to him that the fault lay with him. “That doesn’t necessarily portray the state our relationship is in, or anything more than just one evening of defeat. But that’s all a song has to be.” Paolo has sought a quality of duality in his songwriting, so that he can deal with tough subject matter without sinking into minor chord melancholy.

Another stand out track is “Coming Up Easy,” which he suggests can be listened to from different perspectives. “Its about my own conflict I had about marijuana but you can hear it as a song about relationships, compromising, having to deal with someone else’s emotions. It’s about bad habits and breaking up, but I wanted to keep it positive.”

One song particularly close to his heart is “Simple Things,” a cheery paean to his father that sounds like it could have been written and recorded anytime in the last hundred years. “My dad lives a pretty simple life. Since he was sixteen, he’s worked in a chip shop, all day, everyday, 41 years in front of the same mirror, the same fryer. But then to see the joy he gets out of coming home to see us, of just sitting on the couch with my mum on a Sunday afternoon, after he gets to go and ride his motorbike. He’s helped me really appreciate what can be perceived as happiness, just out of sheer consistency. He’s never changed. You grow up and everybody’s trying to be cool and to me that word cool is totally misconstrued. My dad is the coolest guy I know, simply because its the last thing he reckons himself to be. Its a big time ode to my father, and owed in both senses of the word. The feeling I get knowing that he listens to it, and loves it, to me that’s what the whole idea of making music in the first place starts spiraling from.”

He says the songs of ‘Sunny Side Up’ are already changing the way he performs. “I can’t sing a song like ‘High Hopes’ all hunched up. I have to stand with my chest out. Different things are coming out. It’s like, ‘get it going, you’re at the front of those guys for a reason!’ Get the band feeling what you’re feeling, and then the audience will all feel it, and that’s where I’m getting. This record’s called ‘Sunny Side Up’ for a reason. I want to keep it positive. Cause for me music is more than just music. It’s a power!”

Check out the video for the first single off of “Sunny Side Up” titled “Candy:

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