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Vains Of Jenna Vocalist Leaves Band; Band Seeks Replacement

March 18, 2010 by  
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The bad news – Vains Of Jenna lead singer Lizzy DeVine has officially left the group. Lizzy said in a statement, “The last 5 years with this band has been the best years of my life. It’s with a tear in my eye, but a whole lot of love and respect for the band, manager, endorsers and fans all over the world, I announce that I’m no longer the lead singer of Vains Of Jenna. It’s been a crazy ride. And I’ve loved every second of it. But now I must move on and let the band grow. I’ve done more with this band than I could ever have dreamed of but now it’s time for new adventures! I love all of you.” Lizzy DeVine

The remaining members of Vains Of Jenna issued the following statement. “We have always been a family and have supported each other through the good times and the bad. Today we support and respect Lizzy’s choice. We wish him all the best in the future and we part ways as friends. To our fans and friends everywhere, we are as shocked at this development as the rest of you. But we are real, committed to our music will go forward. We have been honored by all of your support over the years and cannot express enough our regrets to bring this news. But this is reality and we accept the challenge.”

The good news:  Maybe YOU could be their new singer:
“We are seeking a young, hungry, aggressive, dedicated, fresh face and voice to front our band. Someone who is one of us. If you think you’re the guy for the job – then step to the plate now.” Nicki, JP & Jacki  Music/video samples, photos, bio and more are welcome. All inquiries should be directed to

Vains of Jenna

July 3, 2007 by  
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vojmainOne listen to Vains of Jenna and you may be transported back to a time when The Sunset Strip ruled the music scene – Gazarris, The Rainbow, Whisky-A-Go-Go all running full force and a whole sleazy subculture living within it.  Their style identifies with a time when music not only had a sound but had an image and an attitude that defined it. Vains of Jenna have been compared to the likes of Guns n Roses, Aerosmith and Hanoi Rocks. What might come as a surprise to you is that no one in Vains of Jenna has even hit thirty years old yet, so where the hell did they come from?

This quartet, straight from Sweden, is ready to rock your faces off – even if you don’t like it.  After all says lead singer Lizzy DeVine, “that’s why I have middle fingers”.  The band (Lizzy DeVine on vocals and guitar, JP White on bass, Nicki Kin on lead guitar and Jacki Stone on drums) landed in the US a few years ago for what they thought would be one dream gig at Cruefest and then a return trip home but a few strokes of good luck got them noticed by both Stevie Rachelle and Bam Margera.  Shortly after, Margera opened his own record label just to sign them.  Now that’s some sort of first impression!

With their debut album Lit Up/Let Down under their belts they’ve been road warriors touring all over the United States tearing up any stage that will have them, forcing people to notice them and eating up every minute of it.  They must have done something right because they just landed the gig of their lifetime opening for Ratt and Poison on the big stage all summer long.  This band is a great reminder that rock n’ roll is here to stay.

The band sat down with us after their recent show in Mansfield, MA to give us the lowdown on how all this happened and what they want you to know about them…

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | July 2007
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