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Video Interview: Catching Up With Hellyeah at Rocklahoma

June 11, 2012 by  
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Interviewed by: Ilya Mirman
Recorded & Produced by: Jeff Palmucci

Currenly crusing through the festival circuit, Hellyeah are back and preparing for their new disc Band of Brothers  in July.

In our new video interview from Rocklahoma, find out what Vinnie Paul and Chad Gray have to say about the brutal new disc, in addition to what a whirlwind 2012 has been so far, and a few fun facts about the band.

Hellyeah will join Volbeat and Iced Earth for a tour run through the summer. Check out all the dates here.

(Sorry the sound isn’t perfect, someone was rocking out in the back – it is Rocklahoma after all.)


May 30, 2012 by  
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Interviewed by: Jeff Palmucci & Ilya Mirman

At Rocklahoma, we caught up with the members from the Vegas band Otherwise – frontman Adrian Patrick, his brother and lead guitarist Ryan Patrick, bass man Flavio Ivan, and drummer Corky Gainsford.  We found the guys were real, funny, and engaging – though you can decide for yourself if you check out the video above. Read more

SafetySuit Debut New Video For “Let Go”

October 13, 2011 by  
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SafetySuit recently debuted their new video for “Let Go”, check it out below.

The band just wrapped on their sophomore album and worked with some amazing producers, Howard Benson (Daughtry, Flyleaf), Espionage (Train, David Cook) and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. 

The album will be released later on this year via Universal Republic.

Mutemath debuts video for “Blood Pressure”

September 22, 2011 by  
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With their new album Odd Soul due out on October 4th, MuteMath recently debuted their new video for the the first single “Blood Pressure on MTV. Check it out below.

The band conceived, coordinated and shot the “Blood Pressure” clip in less than 24 hours. It was edited entirely by drummer Darren King.

Jane’s Addiction Debut New Video For “End To The Lies”

June 22, 2011 by  
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Jane’s Addiction are preparing the release of their first studio album in eight years titled The Great Escape Artist.  It’s slated for a late Summer release. The iconic trio of Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, and Stephen Perkins tapped Rich Costey (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol) to produce the new record, and also brought TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek into the mix as of the album’s creative team.

Jane’s Addiction recently debuted the video for their single, “End To The Lies,” from the new album, which was directed by the Emmy Award-winning ShadowMachine Films best known for “Robot Chicken” animated television series. Navarro comments on the director, saying “I’m really happy to work on this video for “End To The Lies” with Alex. He clearly gets what Jane’s Addiction is about and the roots of where we came from. We came up in a very artistic community—this video encompasses that through merging LA streets and street artists with sexuality and the beauty of music. There is no better way to define what this band has always been about.” The video depicts superimposed performance images of the band wildly colliding with an eye-popping array of dark, sexy, and haunting imagery.  Check it out below.

For more on Jane’s Addiction:
Official Webpage

TWRY Video of the Week: The Toxic Avenger/ Never Stop

Our video of the week is the latest from French DJ/Producer The Toxic Avenger (Simon Delacroix).

“Never Stop” – featuring Robert Bruce of UK act South Central on vocals – is the lead track from Delacroix’s upcoming release Angst, scheduled to hit the streets Stateside on Sept. 14 via Little Owl Recordings/Roy Music. Two additional singles and remixes will precede the release of the album. The disc, hatched in Morocco, is a diverse, pop-format bloodbath: punk-electro, dark folk, blip-hop anthems, and of course, Delacroix’s trademark thriller beats.

The Toxic Avenger "Never Stop" ft Robert Bruce… by The-Toxic-Avenger

With tour dates scheduled worldwide through summer, The Toxic Avenger will bring his DJ set to America in fall – check his website for complete dates.

The Rocklahoma Files: Drowning Pool

June 9, 2011 by  
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The Rocklahoma Files:
Drowning Pool

Catching up with Drowning Pool at Rocklahoma 2011, I was immediately struck with the band’s down-to-earth vibe. Picture sitting in your living room, catching up with old friends. Already very dedicated to supporting the troops, Drowning Pool has agreed to do a ten-day USO run.


Excerpts from the interview:

 You’re busy touring, obviously. I know you guys are really hard workers, is that your 100% focus right now, or are you doing stuff on the tour bus on the side?
We’ve been hitting it pretty hard the last four years. We just did a two-month run with the guys from Pop Evil. We’ll take the next two weeks off and start working on some new tunes, and kinda just doing weekend runs right now, through the end of summer.

You were just on a multi-stop headlining tour. That must have been a positive experience.
It was a great run. Like you were saying, it was about eight weeks: Pop Evil, us, Trust Company, Static Cycle, and Anew Revolution. It was good venues, it was good to get out there. A long eight week stretch: hit the road, pound, pound, pound away at the clubs and the venues, come home, rest for a little bit, throw out the next single Regret, which is out now—you can check that out—and just start working on new material for the next record, which we hope to hit the studio in the next few months. 

Do you have a working title yet?
No. It’s still in the early stages. We end up fighting each other. Whoever wins [mimes an elbow shot to the back of the head] they get to pick the name of the record, then we start saying that, then somebody… I’m going with Pretty, Pretty Princes! Again? I’m going to push it till I get it… Or for a band name, how about Scooter McGerkhins and the Beanie Weenie Band?

 Multi-media: Film soundtracks, video games… Does it sort of fall into place, or are you pursuing that?
Honestly, I don’t think it happens enough. I mean it’s awesome to be on those video games. I don’t know what we’re up to now…

You’ve been very active in supporting the troops. You just performed at Fort Hood in April and you’re doing Fort Bliss in July. Do you have anything else planned?
We have a USO run coming up, like a 10-day USO run coming up.

The Rocklahoma Files: Sick Puppies

June 8, 2011 by  
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The Rocklahoma Files:
Sick Puppies

With Shim Moore on guitar, Emma Anzai on bass, and Mark Goodwin on drums, Sick Puppies brings cohesive musicality to the power trio format. A self-described “natural frontman,” Shimon takes lead vocals in a band that offers two excellent backing vocalists.

Popular Sick Puppies videos include All The Same, Maybe, and Riptide. The band was in the midst of a multi-date tour when I caught up with them for They Will Rock You.

New CD: Tri-Polar Deluxe.

Excerpts from the Interview:

 What’s your recent project? I know Tri-Polar dropped in 2009.
Tri-Polar Deluxe. That’s the new one. It’s got Polar Opposite on it, which is the acoustic record we did. It’s like a double-CD we’ve got out. And it’s also got B-sides, video clips, and online content you get when you put the CD into your computer on line.

Is that what you’re most excited about right now? Do you have any side-projects or something new that’s coming along?
 No, I think the thing we’re most excited about is the shows– world tour. Yeah, we’ve got the biggest headlining tour we’ve ever done, called Sick Fest 2011. And we’re still on tour with it. We’re popping over to Germany to play some festivals there. We’re top ten over there. We’re doing really well with those spots in Europe. [Sick Puppies are on tour in the States through early August, with a two-date stand in Germany June 18th and 19th.]

With the way the band evolved, it’s an amazing story, with the high school music room booking… is that legit?
It’s totally legit.

{For more, check out the video above.}

The Rocklahoma Files: Saving Abel

June 7, 2011 by  
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The Rocklahoma Files:
Saving Abel

Jared Weeks, Eric Taylor, and Blake Dixon of Saving Abel stopped by the Media Tent at Rocklahoma to give a brief interview. Known for their Southern-bred good manners, I found the band members extremely positive and comfortable just a few hours before their Sunday set.

You’ve got tour dates into September, you’ve got the Miss America single, which just dropped, tell me about the album.
To tell you a little story, man, we were actually in Iraq, we had the album finished, but we did not have a name for it, we were all sitting there wondering. And I’ll never forget it, we were all sitting there in our bus, in Iraq, with our bullet-proof vests on and our helmets, and we were all on the same page for the first time! Everybody. We said, “What are we going to name this album?” And we all said it at the same time.  What better way to say “thank you” to these men and women would be to name it for them—not after them—but for them. And that’s what Miss America is about.

Listen, you’re big in support of our troops, how was the 18 Days video shoot on the USS Hornet arranged? Was that something where you approached someone? What happened?
I think the label is what got us…we knew this was our connection to the military and we wanted to make it known, so somebody brought up the idea, that ship is now a museum, so what we did is we rented it out for the day, and they brought fighter planes in and they brought, dude! It was massive. That’s the same ship that picked up Neil Armstrong. They went and picked him up after he had landed on the moon. Reagan was on it and I got to stand on the same spot where Reagan was! To be part of something like that…it’s just amazing.             

The Rocklahoma Files: Tony Palermo & Jerry Horton of Papa Roach

June 6, 2011 by  
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The Rocklahoma Files:
Tony Palermo & Jerry Horton of Papa Roach

One really fun part about Rocklahoma was spending some time in the Media Tent, chatting with the bands.  They were typically very pressed for time, talking with radio stations and journalists, so we’d have 2-5 minutes max. 

Papa Roach drummer Tony Palermo and guitarist Jerry Horton took some time to talk to about recording in mansions, things people don’t know about them and their favorite comics!

Current projects you’re psyched about?
We are currently on the road supporting Time For Annihilation, our last release. It’s going well, got a couple more months. Then we’ll break, to write a new record.

So – recording in a mansion?! You’re doing that? What inspired you to do that – Zeppelin? Aerosmith?
Yeah – all those guys! We just thought – you know – time to do it. We were in a position to be able to do it, and it’s an experience we want to have. It’s this house that was built by an oil [heiress] back in the 1930’s. It’s on the highest hill in L.A., and it’s got a 270-degree view of L.A. From one side you can see the Hollywood sign, from the west you can see the water, and the other side you can see downtown.

How is that vibe different than recording in a studio?
There’s more space, we can live there, it’s available 24-hrs. It let us live together, we could be creative any time, and the best thing about it was that we weren’t in this little box for eight hours a day. It was a great experience. It was a little haunted! Couple things here and there – nothing like out of a horror movie.

What are a couple things that people don’t know about you guys?
Tony:  A couple of us like to golf! Yeah, like Alice Cooper – except we’re probably not as good! He told me he’s been sponsor for 20 years. He plays golf every day – even show days.
Jerry: I’m a car guy. Been a car guy all my life. Into 1950’s customs, and fast cars.
Tony: Hot Rod Horton!”

 What’s the craziest shit you’ve seen on tour?
Jerry: umm….” [looks at Tony] “What can we talk about?
Tony: Certain women…
Jerry: OK, let’s talk about this: the biggest show we’ve ever done was in Poland. It was Polish Woodstock…and when we got the offer, it said, there’s capacity of 500,000 people. And we thought, it’s gotta be a typo, it’s gotta be 50,000. And when we got there, it was 350,000 people! We headlined the show. We were the only American band. And it was really unbelievable.”
Tony: I’ve never seen that many people in one area.

Favorite comics, cartoons, TV shows?
Tony: Don Rickles!
Jerry: Mitch Hedberg, Jim Gaffigan, Joe Rogan.


Check out our gallery of live photos from Papa Roach’s set at Rocklahoma HERE!

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